AUO TCON Board replacement part for Flat Screen TV

AUO T-CON Boards are commonly used in Samsung, Panasonic and Toshiba TV’s, and possibly other “clone” sets. Reasonably straight forward to find the P/N, if the label found on the back of the panel contains an AUO logo, the T-Con board will be manufactured by AUO and is identified by using the following part number pattern on the barcode number string: 55, dot, 5 characters, dot, 3 characters The entire part number is found printed in within a string of numbers and letters on the barcode label. Typically, the part number can be found between the first and second dashes on the barcode label. 5539T06C12 outlined in the example in Yellow, which makes 55.39T06.C12 using the method described above.