Sharp TV Part, flat tv main av board
Sharp Power Supply Board
Small Sharp TV sets commonly use Vestel Power Supply Boards, if you are looking for a small TV PSU check for this first. Larger TV sets using Sharp Boards will usually show a Part number starting with RUNTK or RDEN, in the example the Board carries the RDEN prefix outlined in yellow, this is repeated without the RDEN prefix on the barcode outlined in Yellow. So for this Board the Part Number is RDENCA459WJQZ

Sharp TV Part, flat tv pawer supply board
SHARP Main AV Board
The two important numbers to identify a Sharp Main AV Board will start with DUNTK or QPWB. The QPWB denotes the Boards generic type and is outlined here in Red, the DUNTK denotes the Sharp Part Number for the Panel and is shown here outlined in Yellow, once identified the Part Number can be identified in full on the white barcode, DUNTKG135FM08 also outlined in Yellow. On the far right of the barcode sticker the two numbers starting with LC, denote other models that this Board is suitable for.