TV parts, New and Refurbished Flat TV Panels and Accessories
Toshiba Main AV Board
Toshiba Board Numbers currently begin with PE followed by either a 0 or a 1 and are shown in this example outlined in Yellow. Toshiba Part Numbers begin with 750, but these are normally only stated on the equipment Technical Service Manual, the number to find on the Board for part selection will begin with V28 and is usually adjacent to the Board Number in this example V28A001525A1, Next to these two numbers will be an outlined box with a handwritten letter, this must match on the original panel and the intended replacement

TV Parts, New and Refurbished Flat TV Panels and Accessories
Toshiba Power Supply Board(Samsung Type)
Some recent Toshiba Models use Power Supply Boards manufactured by Samsung, these will clearly show the Samsung swirl type logo on the Board. These boards show a Samsung type Board number starting PSLF shown outlined on the left in Yellow, and a white label to the left of that with a Part Number starting with V printed onto a white label. The white sticker showing a barcode in the example is merely a serial number and cannot be used to identify the Board.