Many of Todays High Street Brands are Manufactured using Parts and Components made by Vestel, these Brands can include:
Toshiba, JVC, Hitachi, Sharp, Digihome, Bush, Linsar, Alba, Sanyo, Polaroid, Seiki

Brands Using Vestel Boards

Vestel parts identification for flat panel TV parts
Vestel Main AV Boards
Vestel Main AV Boards carry the part number on a White, Red or green Sticker but unlike the power supplies the part number is usually the second group of numbers on the sticker, shown in the example outlined in yellow, it will begin with either 20 or 23 and be 8 digits long, this number must match on the replacement part and your original panel. The PCB number outlined in RED should start 17MB, it cannot be used for part ordering it merely confirms the PCB’s generic type.

Vestel parts identification for flat panel TV parts
Vestel Power Supply Boards
Vestel Power Supplies are fitted to numerous Branded TV’s. The first number to look for is the PCB number to confirm you are looking at a Vestel PSU, this is shown outlined in Red, the board number will always be ’17IP ‘ or ’17PW ‘ . The Part Number itself can be found on a White, Red or Green Sticker shown outlined in Yellow, and will be 8 digits long starting with either 20 or 23 shown outlined in Yellow within the sticker Yellow box, and will usually be the first group on the sticker on a PSU. in this example:23220623. To order a replacement Power Supply Module the full part number begining with 23*****or 20***** must be used, when ordering a Repair Kit for your Module use the 17IP or 17PW number. Click on the image on the left to Magnify.