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Kenwood TS-430S HAM Radio Capacitor Overhaul Kit

////Kenwood TS-430S HAM Radio Capacitor Overhaul Kit
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Kenwood TS-430S HAM Radio Capacitor Overhaul Repair Kit

Kenwood TS-430S HAM Radio Capacitor Overhaul Kit


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116 Piece Electrolytic Capacitor Kit

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Kenwood TS-430S


Radial lead aluminium electrolytic capacitors to replace coupling and decoupling capacitors in the Kenwood TS-430S HAM Radio Transceiver.

Product Description

Capacitor Overhaul kit for the Kenwood TS-430S Ham Radio Transceiver.

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Kit Contents

  • 100uF 16V 105C – 9 pcs
  • RF: C180; IF: C47, C147; PLL: C44; CONTROL: C48, C79, C118, C119, C175
  • 220uF 16V 105C – 3 pcs
  • IF: C75, C98; DISPLAY: C2
  • 470uF 16V 105C – 1 pcs
  • IF: C79
  • 47uF 25V 105C – 24 pcs
  • RF: C178, C179; IF: C39, C56, C92, C115, C116, C121, C150, C151, C152, C158; PLL: C8, C11, C15, C21, C27, C49, C55; CONTROL: C75, C147, C151, C163; DISPLAY: C1
  • 2200uF 25V 105C – 2 pcs
  • SW: C2, C3
  • 100uF 35V 105C – 2 pcs
  • FINAL: C19, C23
  • 0.1uF 50V 105C – 1 pcs
  • IF: C57
  • 0.22uF 50V 105C – 3 pcs
  • IF: C55, C58, C164
Kit Contents

  • 0.47uF 50V 105C – 11 pcs
  • RF: C170; IF: C41, C48, C54, C59, C99, C106; FILTER: C86; C0NTROL: C129, C195, C196
  • 1uF 50V 105C – 37 pcs
  • RF: C15, C22, C29, C34, C37, C45, C50, C55, C60, C66, C129, C165, C177, C191, C193; IF: C44, C49, C50, C62, C67, C68, C70, C72, C93, C100, C102, C103, C105, C111, C118, C119, C120, C135, C146; FILTER: C88; CONTROL: C148, C174
  • 3.3uF 50V 105C – 3 pcs
  • RF: C173, C182; CONTROL: C150
  • 4.7uF 50V 105C – 4 pcs
  • RF: C174; IF: C40, C43, C104
  • 10uF 50V 105C – 14 pcs
  • RF: C108; IF: C53, C60, C81, C84, C97, C101; FILTER: C84; DISPLAY: C3, C5, C6, C7; FINAL: C17, C22
  • 22uF 50V 105C – 2 pcs
  • RF: C84; IF: C112
Kit Description

Radial lead aluminium electrolytic capacitor overhaul refurbishment kit for Kenwood TS-430S HAM Radio Transceivers.