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Kenwood TS-930S HAM Radio Transceiver Capacitor Overhaul Kit

////Kenwood TS-930S HAM Radio Transceiver Capacitor Overhaul Kit
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Kenwood TS-930S HAM Radio Transceiver Capacitor Overhaul Kit


GBP, £ EUR, €

152 Piece Electrolytic Capacitor Overhaul Kit

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Kenwood TS-930S


Radial lead aluminium electrolytic capacitors to replace coupling and decoupling capacitors in the Kenwood TS-930S HAM Radio Transceiver.

Product Description

Capacitor Overhaul kit for the Kenwood TS-930S Ham Radio Transceiver.

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Kit Contents

  • 100uF 16V 105C – 5 pcs
  • SIGNAL: C488; PLL: C183; RIT: C1; AT: C19, C21
  • 220uF 16V 105C – 6 pcs
  • SIGNAL: C640; DIGITAL: C8, C14, C19; ENCODER: C1; LPF: C72
  • 470uF 16V 105C – 1 pcs
  • FINAL: C18
  • 47uF 25V 105C – 22 pcs
  • RF: C3, C15; SIGNAL: C222, C345, C346, C391, C395, C536, C613, C642, C648; PLL: C8, C59, C70, C84, C176; DIGITAL: C21, C24, C42; ENCODER: C2
  • 100uF 25V 105C – 3 pcs
  • PLL: C50, C79; DIGITAL: C11
  • 330uF 25V 105C – 1 pcs
  • 470uF 25V 105C – 3 pcs
  • SIGNAL: C440, C441; DIGITAL: C9
  • 1000uF 25V 105C – 1 pcs
  • SIGNAL: C651
  • 1000uF 35V 105C – 1 pcs
  • SIGNAL: C119
  • 0.22uF 50V 105C – 5 pcs
  • SIGNAL: C36, C86, C171, C486, C509
  • 0.47uF 50V 105C – 5 pcs
  • SIGNAL: C153, C385, C501, C591, C592
  • SIGNAL: C386, C510, C534, C542, C578
Kit Contents

  • 330uF 10V 105C – 1 pcs
  • PLL: C14
  • 1uF 50V 105C – 24 pcs
  • SIGNAL: C154, C191, C390, C420, C423, C424, C426, C427, C432, C492, C525, C541, C563, C565, C588, C599, C628, C638; PLL: C5; DIGITAL: C23, C25, C47, C48, C49
  • 3.3uF 50V 105C – 4 pcs
  • SIGNAL: C388, C449, C556, C575
  • 4.7uF 50V 105C – 3 pcs
  • SIGNAL: C176, C179, C500
  • 10uF 50V 105C – 23 pcs
  • SIGNAL: C112, C220, C285, C343, C364, C387, C389, C537, C543, C564, C571, C586, C629, C633, C634, C639, C640, C644, C652; DIGITAL: C25, C40; FINAL: C12; AT: C47
  • 22uF 50V 105C – 37 pcs
  • SIGNAL: C20, C22, C31, C38, C44, C50, C57, C63, C69, C74, C88, C151, C167, C221, C225, C226, C282, C344, C392, C396, C450, C505, C567, C568, C569, C576, C583, C587, C631, C632; DIGITAL: C3, C4, C12; PLL: C53, C67, C76; AT: C31
  • 100uF 50V 105C – 2 pcs
  • FINAL: C24; AT: C32
  • 0.1uF 100V 105C – 5 pcs
Kit Description

Radial lead aluminium electrolytic capacitor overhaul refurbishment kit for TS-930S HAM Radio Transceivers.