Our Product and Accessory Grades

Replacement Television Printed Circuit Boards

  • Our PCB’s fall into two grades. Unused Boards recovered from cosmetically rejected new store stock, these boards have been installed into new equipment which has subsequently been deemed as unacceptable for retail sale, usually as a result of minor external cosmetic concerns, this equipment has other than for factory initial testing and quality control never been used and will have zero or very low hours service use.
  • Boards recovered from equipment disposed of by Insurance Companies, Hotel Chains, and similar sources. These boards are always fully refurbished and tested before being offered for sale and will have been restored to as new specifications, and will have any manufacturer upgrades and revisions incorporated into the refurbishment process and will be supplied with a full warranty, we do not offer for sale any equipment untested or on a sold as is or as seen basis

Repair Kits and Components

  • Repair Kits are comprised of exclusively new high quality components and will match or exceed the original equipment build specifications, we do not use any refurbished, ex equipment or pre used components whatsoever in the content of the Repair Kits.
  • Components are exclusively new and we select only proprietary manufacturers with a proven record of excellence and product reliability in our range of stocked components.

Remote Controls and Accessories

  • Remote Handsets, Table Top Stands, 3D Glasses, HDMI Hubs, will be either new items recovered from sealed Accessory packs enclosed with new cosmetically rejected boxed store units, or refurbished ex equipment or shop display stock, item description will in each case fully explain the item source and condition

Our Policy

Our aim is to be completely transparent as to the origin and condition of all the replacement parts and components that we offer for sale, if after reading an item description you are in any doubt as to the condition, history or cosmetic appearance of the item please request more details about the item, we are always happy to address any customer concerns.


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